Hello 2018, a month later

I guess I’m going to be here more often than 2017, seeing as to how the microblogging platform I was on for the last few years is pulling out because it was no longer sustainable.

All good things come to an end, and as its demise looms nearer, I suppose this will be where I’ll fall back on again to log my thoughts and nots.

It’s almost as if I’m reconnecting with WordPress once more, rekindling our relationship from what once was and then got lost to convenience somewhere else, only to restart things and pick it up again.

I just wonder if I’ll still have that same desire to write, whether it’s here or elsewhere. But we shall see.

Oh and I’m more than a month late but better late than never.

Happy 2018.

And we’re almost to the lunar new year! Some thoughts came up as Chinese New Year draws near, which maybe I’ll talk about in the next post.

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