According to dictionary.com:

verb: overstay; 3rd person present: overstays; past tense: overstayed; past participle: overstayed; gerund or present participle: overstaying
  1. stay longer than the time, limits, or duration of.

So.. it can apply in many different scenarios and circumstances. Sometimes, many times, I have felt like I have “overstayed” my presence/welcome, even if the people concerned are my own blood-related family members.

To me, I just try to be as present as I can, even if sometimes I don’t really do anything but just being physically there I see it as a sort of support that I am rendering to whatever family event. It isn’t that I do not want to lend a helping hand but usually I just do not want to meddle in what many hands are already doing, lest I screw things up, or simply because there isn’t any space for me to butt myself into. Yet, it could come across as me not being interested to lift a finger. So, perhaps that could explain the slight feeling of hostility I experienced. Or have I been too sensitive as usual?

Friends. They come and they go. When you are not part of the squad, I guess it is also timely that I exit from the picture. It always pains me when such situations occur but really, we can’t help it. Life happens in episodes and seasons, and so do the people who enter and exit our lives. Everything has a season and a reason, and when the season is over and the reason is lived out, it is then time to move on and along. Seasons can be long or short, and reasons can be simple or complex and multi-faceted. Nevertheless, sometimes, there is a recurrence of season or reason, sometimes, there isn’t. We just have to accept that this is life, a flux of changes, a flux of people, a flux of everything.

Time has passed so quickly. June flashed by. July is almost over. Celebrated the actual day of my birthday with 2 persons. Sort of. These people whom I have met through the course of my working life years back, who have also come and went and I guess in this case, come back again. It defies the adage that you don’t make friends from work. But then again, nothing is ever cast in stone or that is absolute, except death and taxes. Friends I have made from school days who I still keep in contact with, but we do not connect on the same level. With friends from school, there is that shared experience of growing up but because we had not stayed in touch throughout the growing up years, rather I have different friends from different schooling phases, and because perhaps schooling and growing up years were considerably comfortable and smooth, the connection is not that deep? I can’t really begin to explain, but sad or undesirable as it may be, people connect better and deeper over shared hardship, which actually facilitates the formation of stronger bonds between people. At least that is how I see it.


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