my daily dose of joe 

Decided to take a ‘break’ today and just head for breakfast/brunch/lunch right after the class that left me feeling a whole bunch of frustration. Despite I try to breathe and be all zen about it, I just can’t seem to do that during this particular instructor’s class. I know everyone has their quirks and need all the chances and opportunities they can get to improve, to do what they are doing, to be empathised with, to be tolerated, etc.; I need those too, but it’s just so trying each time. 

So well, this is my well deserved nosh after the extended class; yes the class always ends late if it’s this instructor teaching. But I suspect this is just going to be the first part of the supposed breakfast/brunch/lunch because it won’t be enough to satiate me for long. I will start to feel peckish. So let’s just called this brunch. Then I’ll have lunch later haha. But no more coffee later, I think one cup a day is good enough for now. Definitely won’t want to risk losing sleep or compromising the quality of it with an afternoon caffeine dose. And coffee probably isn’t such a wonderful idea with a phlegmy cough that suddenly developed out of nowhere.

Days like these. Simple bliss, comfortably nestled in a lightly air conditioned environment that isn’t freezing like the usual malls, staring and squinting to look out where the glaring sunshine is scorching the ground and people walking past.

It’s June. Time just whizzes past so fast it’s amazing that we have completed 5 months of 2017. Where did all the seconds, minutes and hours go? So many things occurring everywhere else that I’ve already lost track of them. Carpe diem. Because we never know what will happen tomorrow, so it’s important to know our priorities and live life to its fullest like today is the last, not putting off what we have always want to do.


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