It’s been more than a month since I last updated. Like I mentioned sometime ago, blogging sometimes feel like a chore. It’s again one of those things that I had taken for granted; something that I used to find a breeze, and enjoyable, has now become tedious. There is still a lot that I would love to write about, to share, but to articulate these thoughts and put them into this virtual space, is becoming a drag. It is easier to do so on other platforms, micro-blogging if you would call them. Even then, it still proves to be a bit of an effort.

Where I have fallen short of here, I do bits and pieces of it through micro-blogging and Instagram.

Went and came back from a one-week trip to Tokyo. It went by in a blur even though I didn’t have any itinerary, and for the number of days I was there, I actually went to fewer places than I did on most other past trips. It is always good to have a change of scenery, even if I am doing the same things that I do when I’m back home here. The frame and state of mind are just different and it makes the whole experience different somewhat.

As I continue to deal with various issues in my life, whether to tackle them or to get them sorted out, let’s hope that at some point in time, I can get back on track, or maybe, who cares about coming back on track if I can embark on a brand new and better track? I can only pray and hope so.


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