home for the books 

It has been about a month since I’ve moved into the new home, and during this period of acclimatising, I have also gotten a bookcase from IKEA. It probably isn’t the best in terms of quality or design, but the simplicity fits my needs, at least for now, and overall it seems like it belongs to the room and my home. So this is where it sits, in a corner of the room just next to the windows. It probably isn’t such a great idea, considering that the constant sunshine would invariably have some effect on books that I keep in the bookcase, e.g. causing the covers of my books to fade. But my flat is really tiny, and with the positioning of the wardrobe and also an armchair that I have put into the room, there really isn’t any other space that I could think of. You could also think of it that where furniture arrangement is concerned, I am not the most imaginative or creative. This also happens when we are buying ready-to-use furniture pieces and not custom-building or putting in shelves at creative spots on the walls.

It’s also why I have decided to pick a bookcase with doors, which increases the total cost of it, since this bookcase on its own would have been much more affordable, especially if I were to get it in white. However, I decided to opt for Birch Veneer and added doors with half glass/half opaque panels, hoping to keep out the dust, and also so that I may “hide” the messiness of the shelves where they are unseen.Before the shelves were populated, everything looks so nice and clean. Now that I have gotten most of the unpacking done throughout the flat, it doesn’t seem like I have that much space anymore. It was a tedious process unpacking the clothes, but the other knick-knacks were also not easy because I had to think of where I should put all of them, not wanting to just stash and stuff them all over the place. I wanted to at least consolidate like items in just one place so that they would not become ‘forgotten’ and start accumulating in hidden areas for me to discover years later, while at the same time making me turn into the hoarder that I was at my old home.

To be honest, I do not have that many books that would require such a huge bookcase, but it was other stuff like notebooks, papers and random items that took up the bulk of space in it. Those I have relegated to the bottom shelves that are not visible when the doors are closed, reserving the visible shelves for the remaining books that I have kept. A lot of them have yellowed with age and some have become so badly-spotted that for fear of any micro-organisms growing between the pages, I have decided to just throw them away despite that some of them hold memories especially the novels that I read for Literature during my secondary school days that contained lots of scribbled notes and explanations.

Anyway, I got IKEA to help me assemble this, and they were extremely efficient in putting it together, probably with the benefit of consistent practice and the right tools. Although I had to pay $38 for the assembly on top of the delivery charges, I felt that it’s worth it, because at a height of about 2m, it was recommended that I mount the bookcase to the wall in case it topples, so I just paid them to get everything done! Self-assembly isn’t that easy, which I tried for a step-stool that I got and put together on my own, which caused callouses on my palms due to the strength that I have to apply while fastening the bolts and screws!

2 thoughts on “home for the books 

  1. I like shelves with doors to prevent dust on the items that I am putting on the shelf. I’m someone very lazy so if it’s something that I can pay to get done, i would rather pay, hahaha. But i agree it’s better to pay the ikea guys to assemble because i think they would most likely do it properlt compared to me.

    • haha ya that’s what i thought too! and because the bookcase required mounting, i thought it’s better to pay and get them to do everything.. there were some things i chose to DIY though, but one of them ended up still sitting in a corner of the living room now because i lacked a tool to drill holes…. haha

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