Interacting with human beings is what most of us have to do on almost a daily basis. Especially in an interconnected world that we live in now, and the kind of society we belong to. It is tough to not have to encounter at least one (and this is not even remotely possible) interaction with a fellow human being, whether it is family, friends, colleagues or simply a stranger such a service staff at a cafe that we visit, the cashier at the grocery store, or even just someone we bump into and offer a cursory apology.

It is a skill, and an art, in the sense that, we all know how to interact with another but how good we are at it is a mastery. I don’t profess to be very good at it, but it is something that has become a rather significant part of my job, whether in the past jobs or even now, perhaps more so now than before.

There are my off days, during the weekends, where I get the opportunity to not have to deal with so many interactions. I don’t have a rich social life, so my weekends are usually times where I spend with myself and mostly, the interaction I have to make are minimal.

I wonder if the way things are, with work and then my choice of company (or not) during the weekends, have made me dull to interaction. There are situations… people, whom I just find it hard to communicate with now. I didn’t have that much problem in the past, but now I find it challenging, a struggle; or maybe I am just giving myself the choice to opt out of interaction totally. And this has probably also morphed into a vibe that I am giving off, that is making people not want to interact with me. When it comes to people initiating interaction with me, it is not often, and it is rare that I am one of the people that friends would think of first when they have things they would want someone to confide in. I asked a friend before, why that is so, pointedly, if perhaps I don’t treat people ‘well enough’ to make them want to confide in me, to take me as close friend. After all, we do unto others what we want others do unto us, right? The response that came back was nothing short of disheartening. I tried to reflect and change, but how do I go about it and how should I go about it?

Inside… everything is going through a roller coaster ride of sorts daily. Perhaps it is getting too much for my system to handle, and the cracks are starting to show or rather, I am starting to feel them. Everything is just whizzing by me in a blur. Time is passing too fast, like I hadn’t even had the opportunity to take stock and it’s already halfway through November, with less than 50 days before we welcome a brand new year.

What lies in store in 2016?

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