starting all over again

Somehow or another the blog has evolved into a food diary of sorts. A rather random and ad hoc one at that, since I don’t take the care to update it as often as I would have liked, or that I ensure that I update it regularly enough. I suppose part of it is due to procrastination, and also largely attributable to poor time management. Despite that I have fairly lots of free time on my hands most of the time, I don’t seem to be able to find time, yes ironic as that may sound, to post anything here. Either it slips off the radar of my consciousness entirely, or I just feel too lethargic to do it.

I seem to have lost the knack, and the passion, or will, to write. I remembered that I used to enjoy writing, as I mentioned before how I felt writing was a cathartic way to vent, or provide an avenue of release for some pent-up frustrations in me, things that I can’t wield any control over, and that I am helpless about. Even if writing about them do not help to solve the problems that I have, writing about them is akin to talking them out to someone, it helps to relieve the knot a little, and with that, calibrates the balance within to find back a peace that I crave.

Today I read somewhere that emotions can be managed through writing. Maybe I imagined reading it, or somehow God is showing me the way back to what I enjoy, to find back the joy that I had in writing, and to use it as a means to help me out of some of those dark moments. It is easier to use this online platform to write, if not that it is privy to any set of eyes on the virtual world. Writing on paper actually is a better idea, if not for the physical space that is required, to keep the results of all the writing, knowing how much I am capable of writing at any one point in time.

Let’s see. If I can start to use this again. Let’s start small. First, one by one, I have to learn, to let go. Ganbatte!

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