Closed. Spinelli, Wheelock Place

Besides the Marmalade Toast that I realised had closed its doors for good, it was probably on the same day that I came to know that Spinelli at the Wheelock Place had shuttered. 😦

Despite the apparent crowds that have driven me away countless times during the weekends, I think the turnover and business at the rather sprawling outlet on basement one of Wheelock Place wasn’t that great. Due to the availability of armchairs and the low number of seats arranged in the cafe, it couldn’t accommodate that many people at any one time. And due to the armchairs it also means that typically the occupants would linger for much longer nursing a single cup of beverage.

Customers like myself who can stay for an hour taking up 2 seats would probably have contributed to its demise. I guess I wouldn’t have said no if someone had asked to share the seat, despite that we would face each other (sort of) over a small coffee table. In fact, there was an occasion where a girl had asked if anyone was occupying the seat opposite me and I said no. It felt a little strange but then again, both of us are separately involved with what we were busy with individually so it didn’t really matter at all.

Spinelli has no more surviving outlets in the Orchard belt. There used to be an outlet at Orchard Central but again, the layout and the low patronage led to it eventually closing. Oh well…

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