Closed. The Marmalade Toast

This afternoon, I had wanted to pop in somewhere for a quick dose of something sweet or savoury. Unfortunately, Friday afternoons are a bad time, especially when it’s Orchard we are talking about. Even though the haze situation was really bad just as of this morning, with the PSI reading hitting highs above 300 that were sustained through the night till this morning, the crowds were out in full force. Perhaps it “helped” that the authorities declared it a non-school day, and parents took the opportunity of that window of clearer skies and probably healthier air to get their kids out.

That was when I thought I might have some luck at Marmalade Toast, which is a nicely-hidden cosy cafe tucked away on the outside of Ngee Ann City, on the same level as its taxi stand. It used to be fairly crowded, but over the years with more and more cafes popping up all over, such as Paris Baguette in Wisma, Paul in Ngee Ann City, and whatever else around, it slowly perhaps became forgotten. Which may also be the reason for its permanent closure. Business seemed to have been quite slow as most times when I visit on weekends, I seldom have problems finding a place.

I’m quite sad that these cafes are all closing one by one. Places that I enjoyed going to. And in their places, there are some of those newer cafes such as that I mentioned above, which aren’t exactly where I would go on my own. I have been to Paul at Ngee Ann City once, and due to the bad service I didn’t want to make a revisit. Paris Baguette was really popular and packed when it just opened, these days the crowds still pour in during peak times I suppose, but it doesn’t appeal to me as a place to hang out.

So anyway, as of 20 September, Marmalade Toast has closed its doors for good. Goodbye, you will be missed.

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