Affected too easily

As I reflect on my grouses, that tend to be pretty similar if not downright repetitive, I realise that most of the things that rile me up are exogenous. It is all too common that whenever I ride on the local subway or tube or whatever it is termed, i.e. we call it the MRT, an acronym for Mass Rapid Transit, I am bothered by people intruding into my virtual private space, or when they so much as brush against me when there is more than a silver of space separating us, making me wonder in disbelief why they would need to veer so close to me instead of keeping a wide berth, which I would definitely prefer and choose.

Even in the office, something as innocuous as someone making too much noise, as deemed by me, such as slamming stacks of papers on the desk, flipping papers loudly, sighing all the time audibly, throwing down stationery after using them so that they create a loud clacking sound on the table… I just don’t get it. Why can’t people just do things quietly? As they type on the keyboard, is there really a need to hit the keys so hard like they are afraid nobody can hear them typing?

It is all very personal, I suppose. Like how I prefer peace and quietness, and would rather do things gently and quietly, type quietly, flip and handle things with a controlled level of force so that things don’t get smashed around. It’s just that in our world where private space has become somewhat of a luxury, and more often than not we have to share breathing space with people, it is hard to not have to grow accustomed to or tune out from all these noises and distractions. We don’t exist in a vacuum and we certainly don’t live on an island where we are the sole inhabitant, so even if it drives me crazy when people do what they do, intentionally or not, I will have to learn to get over it and put it aside. Life is stressful enough as it is without us adding such unnecessary stress and pressures on our own lives. Yet how can I learn better to adapt, to tune out and to ignore?

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