Learning life’s lessons

Sometimes, life happens in a way that we begin to get comfortable with how things are going and perhaps start taking things for granted. Not in a bad way, but that we get accustomed to something, and expect that things should always be like that, that people are ok with it… but it turns out not to be.

At the end of the day, it is a necessary lesson to learn, not to impose on anyone, because at no point will the friends around always be willing to have you around them. Not one, not two, not anyone. It is the same with all of them.

Independence. Is a necessary evil.

There are times we compromise but where friendships are concerned, it is never a win-win situation and what we learn about equations in school never hold true. The left is never equal to the right, so there are times we lose, maybe times when we win. When we win, we don’t so much as question the situation or think too much about it, but when we lose, we tend to analyse, over-analyse, and contemplate why we should bother with giving in to what other people want when the other probably doesn’t care about what you want.

I just came back from Sapporo but the wanderlust just doesn’t seem to get abated. It has been weighing on my mind to visit Australia, maybe Melbourne, which is one of those cities that I have heard so much about but never had the chance to go so far. Probably with all these little things thwarting my plans to visit, I should just settle it once and for all and head there for a solo trip. After all, it is much easier to do that, to plan the itinerary for it, than to wait for someone to be available, to be willing to go, to offer the opportunity for a tag-along.

I hate to impose. And when it becomes blatantly obvious that I seem to be doing so, it is time to bow out.

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