Lazy and restless

It has been a month since I last wrote anything. These days, I really find it a chore to write, or maybe there just isn’t anything worth updating, or that I don’t feel inspired to write, don’t feel that I have the energy to write, or anything that I want to talk about.

For sharing of pictures of my usual indulgences of coffee, cakes, and all things sweet, there is always Instagram to fall back on, without the need to append too many descriptive words. For short updates with pictures, Dayre is also an easy and convenient option. Somehow, posting on WordPress has become a less easy way for a lazy me. Laziness is not really an excuse, and I really want to keep this blog alive, if I am not deciding to kill it. But what can I write about now? Day after day, week and month, each minute feels the same and nothing seems to vary.

The landscape, the pent-up feelings, the options, the thoughts… everything at a standstill.

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