Why do we call it “Monday Blues”?

Why do we call Monday blues, Monday blues? Short of automatically turning to our best pal, Google, for answers, I really don’t know, after a quick deliberation, why blue is associated with the feeling of dread when the work week starts on a Monday. Perhaps it isn’t so much the colour blue, but rather the notion of blues. Yet how did “blues” even come about?

Been having some personal issues, which I seem to not be able to resolve for a long time, after… say what, maybe a couple years or more? If anything, it just seems to perpetuate and become worse with time. 

People don’t really understand when I try to explain, some do, but they number in the scarce minority. Not that I tell many to begin with, but at a point people start to get tired and I do not want to push it, to exhaust their patience with me. 

Then there would be those who ask me to seek The Lord. I tried and I still am trying but I am unwilling to do it in a way that some have recommended because I am just such a stubborn person that the more you try to ask me to do something, the more resistance will arise in me, albeit involuntarily. 

When will this episode end and when will I get the breakthrough. Life is a constant waiting game and it’s tough enough having to wait for man, to wait for answers that somehow usually never come because they just don’t want to answer but it just wears me down so much. 

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