Radio Silence

I just saw that it has been more than a month since I last posted. And for some reason, this blog has morphed into a tired food journal. I try to be current in terms of some of the cafes and maybe occasional restaurants that I visit, sometimes from the occasional holiday I try to fit in to satiate the wanderlust in me, yet the effort is getting to be too much these days. I am constantly tired, and would rather just stare at the computer monitor playing mindless games of Bejewelled Blitz instead of doing something more productive, a very good example of which would be to update the blog. Not so much because it needs to be updated but because writing was something that I counted as a passion. I don’t know if I still consider it to be because I hardly want to these days and for lack of things that I want to really write about.

The blog was meant to be a repository of the many thoughts that never leave my grey matter but which may or may not make it into verbalised form. But then there are times when I start to feel a little uncomfortable with penning these down because much as I know I have limited readership here, I never know whose eyes could be watching.

I’m not sure how much longer I would remain silent or would I ever want to revive this blog. I really don’t want to quit and give it up because it is part that I consider to be what gives some life to me. Perhaps it is just me taking an extended break from here while I try to sort out my life, whether I am actually doing anything but I believe that things will change for the better and things can only get better.

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