Coffee Assembly, Hong Kong

Took us a while to locate this quaint and cosy little cafe situated somewhere in the mid-levels, or actually I don’t really know which area of Central that is considered. Its address said Elgin Street, but we were not able to find it despite walking to the end of Elgin Street and seeing a unit number that was larger than what the cafe is. Turns out the street continued further down, not directly across from an intersecting point but a little off the main Elgin Street that we were walking on. Talk about being confused by the myriad of criss-crossing streets in the SOHO area!

So anyway, it is on a second level, and there is a small signage that you could easily miss if you are not keeping a lookout for it. Turns out, this cafe opens at fairly weird timings. The day that we decided to pop by, which was a Thursday, it supposedly only opens its doors for business at 1pm. It was just about 1pm when we knocked and a lady, presumably the boss, opened the door to greet us and welcomed us in, but informed us that there was no food available.

We were fine with that since we thought about getting food later on, post-coffee that is, and since we were all still quite full (except me perhaps) from the morning’s food.

These were our drinks. Flat white, soy latte and cappuccino? Or perhaps there was a mocha instead of the cap. The latte art showed the painstaking effort put in by the lady boss to make it good. But our only gripe was that it took a little too long. The interval between two beverages could be 10 minutes, or perhaps more. And we were the only customers. At least when we arrived it was just us, then another two pop in and one lady got really frustrated waiting for her coffee.IMG_1468

I suppose maybe the main intent of this cafe wasn’t for the sake of profiteering but probably it grew out of a passion for coffee and managing a cafe? Although it was stated that they open at 1pm, it was pretty evident that nothing was really ready at 1pm. It took a long while to set things up, to prepare the coffee and froth the milk for the latte art. For holiday-makers like us without an itinerary and a rush for time, we were quite alright with waiting as we chatted and caught up with each other. But for people who are there for a post-lunch cuppa, I think the pace here would take a toll on the customer who may be strapped for time in needing to get the coffee and head back to the office.IMG_1469Nevertheless, we still enjoyed ourselves, basking in the enjoyment and idyllic wait of people on vacation, so this would be a good spot to visit if you have time to spare and wouldn’t mind just sitting and waiting as you tuck into the selection of magazines available.

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