And so it was a very last minute decision, as usual, that took me to Hong Kong last month. Some people probably think I’m nuts, for in 2014 I had already made 2 trips to Hong Kong, albeit fairly short ones, the first over a long weekend during Good Friday in April, and another 4-day trip in the middle of December. So why did I go to Hong Kong again just barely a month after?

It was a trip that started out planned for 2 persons and I was just the extra party who butted my way in because it seemed like such a great opportunity to rebuild a lost connection and forge something new among 3 friends, as well as an excuse for me to travel again. I really miss travelling, which is pretty evident from the several short trips that I had done over the course of 2014. No doubt that most were very short holidays and booked on the spur of the moment, they nevertheless betrayed my growing desire to hit the road once more.

Some people say, “Be careful what you wish for” and perhaps that is indeed an apt description for what happened to me. I got tired of it at a point, it wore me out and I wanted out, and I did get out. Yet just shortly out of it, I already started to miss it and the feeling just grew and grew.

Anyway, it was a trip characterised by a slow and easy pace. We didn’t do much other than just laze the days away in cafes and eateries, even though we did not eventually check out as many cafes as we might have liked to. We did finally do something new though, like visit Tai O for a short couple of hours, a small village located somewhere to the western part of Lantau Island. It’s thronged with visitors, possibly mostly tourists so it might have lost its once initial laid-back charm but as compared to the areas of Hong Kong we frequent, this definitely contrasts starkly. The weather was still nice and cool, cold even for me, but generally fair and dry, perfect for traipsing around.IMG_1456What I realised though, after the trip, as well as from other similar experiences, is that once something is broken, although it can be mended, things will never be the same again. There would always be that scar and blemish of cracks that can’t be healed and restored.

Looking at this picture and reminiscing the holiday, wanderlust is striking me once more. I probably need a protracted period of rest and break to get my jive back. Whatever that is. I want to feel my passion to write and the words to flow once again, but the effort seems too great these days.

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