Just returned from an impromptu trip to Hong Kong. It was so last minute that everything seemed to be done in a flash and even faster than I could start enjoying Hong Kong, I was already due to fly back home. Sigh. That is always the thing about vacations and enjoyment, they never last long enough. Yet this is life, the irony of it, which most of us go through anyway. I should seriously reconsider the spontaneity of my trips, from the Seoul trip that I booked at the last minute, then the Bangkok trip 2 months ago and now Hong Kong. I thought I would just jet off there to visit a friend who is due to return to Singapore for good but well, things didn’t turn out as I planned. Original plans were cancelled due to some ‘unforeseen’ circumstances here, then after I had finally gotten the all-clear to go, albeit with some false alarm scares, things didn’t go as I thought they might.

Still I was glad that eventually it still turned out relatively well and it was a quick 4 days or so that passed so quickly like a bolt of lightning. When time slips through the crevices of your fingers without you noticing it, it is about as sure a sign as you can get that the moments were enjoyable and good otherwise every ticking second would be like a death knell sounding.

Hmm. It feels like such a long time since I have posted anything proper. Not the usual been there and ate that kind of posts, but more of the wordy photo-less posts that deals with my internal idiosyncrasies and whining. I don’t know which is the more preferred type of posts but to me, the photos take some effort to put up, yet these words here also start to feel like an effort. I used to be able to just spawn post after post extolling on all sorts of thoughts that go through my busy little brain, yet these days I just choose to lose myself in everything else around. There have been quite a few things going on lately in my life that have just left my drained of energy and devoid of any motivation to write. Although I do want to write sometimes, the breaks have gotten too long that too much has passed for me to even begin to catch-up and I just decide to let things slide.

At this moment, I still have tonnes of content that I would really love to share, yet my eyelids seem to be taking on a life of their own and that is forcing me to halt this entry abruptly as I prepare to hit the “Publish” button and then power off the computer before heading off to bed. Ready or not, here comes the next day.

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