Starbucks Christmas delights part 5

I believe these are called Christmas delights but for some reasons I have named all my previous four posts as Christmas moments. Anyway, I am too lazy to change them so I will leave them be. Have been fairly busy and also lazy of late to update so posts are really intermittent, especially now that this blog has evolved into a pin-up of the food that I eat sometimes.

Was aggrieved by Starbucks recently due to some problems with reloading of my stored value card and the issuance of reward points. Sigh. I realise that it doesn’t really pay to be honest sometimes because I end up short-changing myself. This had kind of marred my impression of the coffee chain, when I had considered myself as a sort of Starbucks fan, preferring it over Coffee Bean or Spinelli. Perhaps this will lead me to cut down on my frequency of visits and eventually I will just stop being a member of their rewards programme. Oh well, let’s see what happens.

So one of the other items I had from the Christmas line-up was the Christmas Turkey Pie. IMG_0532.JPGAs with most of their pies, with the exception of the brusselsprouts quiche, this is fairly huge and would make for a good meal on its own. For me at least, and I believe I am speaking for most people. When it comes to pastries, I think I have a healthy appetite, but not so much for other things maybe, like proper meals. I like this pie, almost as much as I did the Devil’s Curry Pie, other than the latter being more spicy and giving it that extra oomph. I am not sure if the turkey pie contains much turkey, but I did remember seeing and eating small chunks of turkey sausage, along with mashed up potatoes for the filling with a nice peppery flavour.


Goes well with a long black, as usual. You don’t need a cappuccino or latte to fill you up further, a good black coffee would be the perfect accompaniment for this.IMG_0534.JPGMaybe this will be the last item for me, unless I decide to try the savoury scones that they have. I don’t think I have tried any savoury scones before, so let’s see. Not too keen on the chocolate mint cheesecake, unless I can find someone to share it with. But the blip with the rewards card, and also the other coffee chains’ offerings are incentivising me to move on!

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