Omakase Burger, Wisma Atria

I don’t know how long they have been opened at Wisma Atria, but recently I made my first ever visit to Omakase Burger. It’s an expensive burger joint, as compared to what I know of burger places, which are fairly limited to the fast food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King and the likes. Of course, I know everyone will tell me they are different, or even worlds apart for this is a gourmet burger joint. Well, maybe.

I wasn’t so keen on beef even though their signature being the Omakase Burger boasts a beef patty. I considered a veggie burger but decided to just go for what sounded pretty safe, a Chicken Sandwich. Boy was I wrong. So this is my safe-sounding chicken sandwich, with a portion of sweet potato fries! It’s actually my first time having sweet potato fries, I think. Yes I am that slow. And they are pretty awesome though not as awesome as spam fries.IMG_0431.JPGThis is my friend’s burger. I can’t recall if it is the Omakase or a regular Cheeseburger but apparently their cheeseburgers are good too. And the usual shoe-string fries that I was having such a strong craving for.

IMG_0432.JPGYummylicious-looking! I regretted not going for the recommended because this indeed looks like it would be better than what I had.

IMG_0433.JPGThe Chicken Sandwich. It is actually not too bad, but it’s more like deep-fried chicken fillet burger. The chicken is so oily that quite a fair amount of oil pooled at the crevice of the paper envelope that was used to contain the burger. -_-|||

IMG_0434.JPGOther than that oiliness which had me feeling guilty for a whole week (!) the chicken was nice, like all deep-fried stuff (that are not fried in stale cooking oil). And the bun. Oh my, that has got to be the winning factor for me. It’s so nice and soft and I am quite sure that even on its own it would taste fantastic. They is such a alluring fragrance from it that I couldn’t help appreciating it more than the fried chicken. And this is coming from someone who prefers the tougher, more chewy multi/wholegrain kind of bread.

The fries weren’t too shabby, like how shoestring fries are nice as compared to thick-cut ones. Maybe if I ever return, I will check out the vegetarian option or just stick to the cheeseburger. Haha.

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