Starbucks Christmas moments part 2

Still on the topic of Starbucks and their Christmas delights, I think I seem pretty determined to try as many of their Christmas offerings as I can this year, seeing as to how in the past years, I didn’t really go beyond a couple of the beverages and food items. I am still disappointed that the cranberry orange loaf did not make a reappearance, but let’s see if there will be anything from this year’s range that will make the same grade. At this stage, I highly doubt it though.

So this was something that I really wanted to try after seeing it in the display case, the turkey ham with spinach salad sandwich. Apparently, the sandwich is made on ‘beetroot bread’ of sorts, which I guess means coloured with beetroot juice? In reality, it has a dull pink kind of tint instead of the usual beige shade of breads. Perhaps that was what drew me to try it and somehow it sounded fairly wholesome.IMG_0364.JPG

You can’t really tell from these pictures about its colour. In fact, I think the picture I have here makes it look very orangey. That’s due to the lighting option selected when I snapped the photo.IMG_0365.JPG

The below picture is more accurate in terms of the colour of the sandwich but there isn’t that much turkey meat/ham in it. As is the usual case. So let’s talk about the sandwich. I feel that it’s a bit of a miss. Although I was really looking forward to trying it, when I actually had it, I didn’t enjoy it as much. The bread felt too soft, it’s like as though it was all puffy and airy in it that I could just compress it into a flat bun similar to a sliced bread, something to that extent. It also made it a little difficult to cut and slice with the knife given due to its softness. Taste-wise, I can’t really taste any beetroot so the sandwich bread felt like ordinary white bread without much taste. It looks good but the taste doesn’t live up to expectations. starbucks_xmas_swNot much comments on the ingredients other than in terms of portion it definitely isn’t overflowing the sandwich bread as pictured in the official picture. It isn’t too little either, but it’s good that the ham isn’t too overloaded on sodium from what I can recall as I don’t feel it being too salty. There’s also sliced cheese inside that felt like the light variety, and some strips of spinach. There is another version of the sandwich, containing beef, but I think going by the experience with this, I wil probably give that a miss. The beef isn’t made on this pinkish bread, just the usual ordinary colour that you can also see in a blurred image in the above picture that I got from the Starbucks Singapore website. This will reduce the number of their Christmas items for me to try and maybe for those that I like I can have the breadth for seconds!

The other item is this crispy chocolate bar, or if it goes by some other name if I can find out I will update it here. This is a very tough bar of crispy chocolate that is extremely hard to cut into with a fork! I was worried that the entire bar will fly off the plate or I will break the plate by trying too hard. IMG_0366.JPG

Taste-wise, it isn’t too bad but nothing spectacular. It’s essentially a cereal bar made of crispy puffs. When you put it into the mouth and start chewing you realise that it’s light and airy, not so substantial like you would expect from its resilience. But nevertheless it is still a good sweet treat that will go well with coffee!

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