Hara Donuts, Seoul


Happy mid-week!

Holidays are the time to let go and indulge. And indeed that was what I did in Seoul, with the benefit of some recommendations as well as just wandering the streets of the city. Recommendations are always needed to maximise the gastronomic space I have, which is fairly limited even if where indulgences are concerned, I think my stomach is a little more elastic.

So this was one of the places that I popped by on the first day after landing in Seoul and checking into my hotel. 20140702-074145-27705698.jpg

Hara Donuts is a shop located in Myeongdong, the popular shopping area of Seoul replete with a variety of shops that stock trendy clothing, cafes, skincare shops, along with some of your typical high-street brands, etc. It is often thronged with tourists as well as locals, whether it is weekdays or weekends, and at night, the place becomes even more vibrant with numerous pushcart stalls that peddle clothing, street snacks, and so on. Hara Donuts is along a street that is very near Sky Park Myeongdong I Hotel, and there is a KFC and MacDonald’s nearby too.

They have numerous flavours and I chose the Black Tea donut, priced at 1,300 won (about S$1.60). I was hoping to have Mister Donut’s Pon de Ring but unfortunately in this trip, I didn’t pass by any of them, if they are still available in Korea that is. Hara is a good alternative, imo, but they are a slightly different breed of donuts as compared to those of Mister Donuts’. It is perhaps more fried than baked, from the texture, even if it didn’t feel oily or deep-fried. And it isn’t big, relatively smaller than most other commercially-available donuts, so it definitely makes for a good snack!


This is the display case of the donuts. They are all shaped in the same round-with-a-hole-in-the-middle form, how we all know donuts to be like, without any fanciful twists like how perhaps Dunkin Donuts, Mister Donut or Krispy Kreme have done. They don’t even have textured round donuts such as the pon de rings that are now available from most brands.20140702-074145-27705809.jpg

One bite into it and I could really feel the tangible taste of black tea in it! I wondered if it’s Earl Grey because the aroma of the tea really made the donut nice. Like I mentioned before, it isn’t oily, such that it didn’t even leave any traces of grease stain on the paper that was used to wrap it. I only had it once since there are so many things to check out when in Seoul, but it will definitely be on my to-eat list the next time I visit! Hopefully, they will still be around when I next drop into the city.20140702-074145-27705907.jpg

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