Paulaner Brauhaus, Millenia Walk Singapore

Sometimes, I wonder if seeing such pictures from me more often signify a good or bad thing.

The small and the big. Strangely, the stereotype always stick. The service staff would serve the 0.3L to me and the 0.5L to the man. In this case, they were wrong. I recalled once when I was at a pub with my cousin and he ordered a wine (or a cocktail I couldn’t remember) while I ordered a beer and I think the first instinct was that the wine was coming to me, but the service staff was smart enough to ask before setting the mug/glass down.

20140306-090528.jpgI found the shoestring fries that I had been missing, and this was an awfully huge-ass ginormous portion that was well worth the $11.50 paid for it. Just thankful there was someone to share the calories and guilt.

20140306-090544.jpgLet’s see what happens. Habits die hard and I thought I’d already kicked this habit, especially when I could even go a few months without touching alcohol over the last couple of years.

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