Department of Caffeine, Singapore

Finally went to D.O.C. and when I was nearing it, I was wondering if it was even open because of how nondescript it looks from the outside. Just a door and a small glass panel, with the facade of the cafe occupying a really tiny space.

20140122-083406.jpgLuckily it was open, and beyond that door, it was really quite a world of difference. Well, the place inside is still rather cosy in terms of the space and seating, but from the outside where I thought the cafe might not be open, to the buzz of activity and chatter within, it kind of feels like I’d stepped into a different realm altogether.

This is how the menu of the place looks like. Many cafes these days adopt such a style of having the menu printed on a sheet of paper like an advert of a newspaper, and then clip it onto a cardboard.

20140122-083419.jpgTheir food items are fairly pricey, although depending on what you order, it could be considered value-for-money in terms of the portion. Besides coffee and tea and some other selection of drinks like juices, they have cakes & pastries too, and quite a good selection of lunch items. I was eyeing the carrot cake that the next table was having but it was lunchtime, so I ordered something more substantial. I had a mixed salad, the roasted cauliflower and roasted butternut squash, in a regular serving that costs S$13. You could mix all three types if you need some carbohydrates, but I wasn’t really keen on the soba noodles so I just picked two. The large portion costs S$15.

20140122-083425.jpgAlthough cauliflowers aren’t my most favourite of vegetables its crunchiness was something I enjoyed, and butternut squash! Oh my, I really love this, and together the portion was still enough for me.

Smoked salmon scramble at S$15. The scrambled eggs were very buttery so if you are not so keen on the strong butter taste in it then maybe this isn’t the choice for you. But the butter in it was what made it so fragrant and of course, decadent.

20140122-083430.jpgAnd the 8hr Pulled Pork, a burger. The bun actually looks rather nice but the pulled pork was veering towards the dry side. Priced at S$14.50

20140122-083435.jpgAnd this is their cappuccino, with a latte art that had us thinking if it’s meant to be a plant or flower, and someone even suggested it gave her the impression it’s like Buddha. Hmm.

20140122-083440.jpgAnd the americano. I think perhaps I should just stick to more common coffee joints were americano is concerned, i.e. from Starbucks and the likes, because I have ordered this drink from cafes that boast of great coffees, only to find the drink too acidic for my liking. Maybe my palate is just such that I am not meant to drink and appreciate good coffee, or where such coffees are concerned, I should just go for the flat white or lattes.

20140122-083445.jpgAs I was googling for images of Department of Caffeine, I saw so many nice pictures of the place and also the cakes! I really need to make a repeat visit some day to try out the cake(s), also probably after I have managed to visit the other places that I have been thinking of going to. Oh, and their food menu changes, because from what I have seen of others’ posts, the salad and kitchen menus are different from when I went!

The staff are prompt and polite but there is quite a lot of self-service here. They bring you a glass of water each and subsequently, you can help yourself to complimentary water at a designated place in the cafe. Also, you have to order and pay at the counter after which the food and drinks will be served to you at your table. Condiments are also pretty much on a self-service basis. Some people don’t like such a concept because the tables and chairs are arranged in a tight fashion, which makes moving in and out difficult if you are seated on the inside next to the wall because there is hardly any space between back-facing chairs of other patrons.

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