the dearth of communication

Due to advent of smart phones and the proliferation of instant messaging applications like Whatsapp, and all the rest that followed like Viber, Line, what-have-you, I find that we are gradually going into an age where face-to-face, heart-to-heart conversations are slowly dying out.

Maybe it is me, being a relic in this digital age, unwilling to progress with the pace of technology, but part of me really enjoys the old-fashioned things of the past. Granted that I no longer spend hours on the phone like I did when I was in school, because I really find holding the ear-piece to my ear a chore and it burns my ear, I think I still like the idea of seeing a person when I talk to him or her. It is all the subtleties of body language, facial expressions, the small gestures and nuances that mere words and emoticons on the phone cannot even begin to capture and transmit.

Days when I am in a good mood and start a chat over Whatsapp, or try to convey some deep serious thought or emotion to a friend, only to have everything fall flat with the lackluster response that comes back. It is a kill joy, to say the least, and as I lament about this I know too that I am just as guilty of it because I am not always in the best of mood or in the best conversational frame of mind when I craft a reply and hit “Send”.

There are times when I refrain from using my phone when I am with my friends physically because why should I be engrossed and sucked into the digital world when I have a living, breathing person seated right across from me? Yet it is so often that I get sidelined by a phone and various threads of communication going on in the digital realm through it that makes me want to get up and walk away. Maybe even when that happens, the action will go unnoticed.

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