Donut King, Shanghai

If I remember correctly, there is Mister Donut in China. Maybe somewhere in Shanghai that I’ve seen in the past trips, but I don’t really remember where. Anyway, on the ground floor of the office building that I was at, there is a Donut King, a small shop or counter that sells doughnuts reminding me of Mister Donut because of the Pon De Ring (what Mister Donut calls it). They have something similar, and last year when I was working from this same office, I’d tried it once or a couple of times and thought it was pretty decent.

So this year, I bought some doughnuts from them again, with the same promotion they had, which is the buy-5-get-1-free, ending up in this selection.


The one right on top is the one that I was talking about, the Mister Donut Pon de Ring doppelganger, with the chocolate-coated version beside. I don’t fancy doughnuts that much to be honest, and I’ve tried Krispy Kreme (so far not the Singapore branch yet though) in Jakarta, Hong Kong (while it was still opened many years ago), Seoul and also Manila, but I don’t find them to be any special at all. I like Mister Donut’s Pon de Ring, which is made up of connected donut balls in a ring, but it isn’t the fun of tearing out the balls one by one and popping them into my mouth that makes it interesting to eat, rather it’s the chewiness of the dough that I like. Maybe that’s why KK’s doughnuts don’t do it for me, because they are not as chewy and I prefer chewy stuff. Yet I do like those sugar-coated traditional confectionery type doughnuts as well, although their texture is pretty much like the usual doughnuts in stores, whether J.Co or otherwise.

Interestingly, when I was in the Philippines recently, I was told by a local that KK isn’t that popular there, instead J.Co or Dunkin Donuts are more popular, but the reason wasn’t told to me, if there is even one in the first place. I think the queue at Singapore’s KK has somewhat shortened significantly from when it just opened in the basement of Tangs. I can’t confirm this yet though, because I haven’t walked past for a few weeks; the last time I went past the queue probably had about 20 persons, much shorter than its first week of opening which saw queues forming all the way to where the ATMs were.

Back to Donut King. Sorry for sidetracking. This time, I was disappointed because the doughnut wasn’t as nice. It was still chewy to a certain extent, but this one I had was somewhat of an original glazed version, the others were all chocolate/caramel-coated or something like that, they didn’t have what Mister Donut sells, which is without any glazed sugar but some other powdered coating stuff. And this glazed version of Donut King was just too sweet for my liking that I had to scrap off the glazed coat as much as I could, making the whole doughnut-eating process extremely messy. So you can pretty much guess I didn’t return for seconds thereafter.

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