movies… a waning interest?

To be very honest, I cannot for the life of me, recall when the last time I stepped into a cinema was. I do watch movies on and off, but usually only when I am travelling. This year, with the reduction in overseas trips whether for business or leisure, I have also watched significantly fewer movies. I even missed Leonardo Dicaprio’s The Great Gatsby, something I had really wanted to watch. Oh well, I guess sometimes I am that lazy, that I even put off heading to the cinema despite that there is a movie I want to catch. Sundays are usually the only days I will consider catching a film because Sunday mornings are when most people will either be snoozing at home or just heading out for their Sunday brunches. It is one of the most convenient times to head to the cinema and grab a ticket for a show at the last minute, without having to battle the usual movie crowds and also without having people cast you weird looks for going to the cinema alone.

I still care about how people perceive me, which perhaps also explains the lesser cinema visits. But probably I have also began to lose interest in movies; I used to watch a lot of movies in the past, managing a few movies within the same week, sometimes even two on the same day.

I bought myself a ticket to Thor: The Dark World on Sunday, since I thought it would be something that wouldn’t require too much brain power as it was meant to be a blockbuster, i.e. action-packed shows that contain lots of special effects and are friendly to the brain. The movie was slated to be about two hours, which wasn’t too off-putting. Somehow, when I know that a movie will take maybe 150 minutes, I am more reluctant to want to watch it.

So I sat and watched, well-prepared for the cold of the cinema hall with a comfortable sweater and a smuggled cup of Toffee Nut Latte. The show actually bored me and as I recalled all the praises and raves that my friends had for the movie, I felt restless and would occasionally check the time on my phone to find out how much longer I had to sit until the end of it.

Well, it did get better into the last half hour of the movie, when I started to get more into the story and its development. But it was a pity that it only happened in the last quarter of the show. Oddly, the best part of the show for me was how beautiful they made Asgard look, with all that twinkling lights adorning the city and the Bifrost that boasted a psychedelic array of light streams. And as the movie went along, I realised too that I enjoyed those parts with Loki in them, like he was the life of the show that provided the much-needed contrast and colour to his otherwise predictable super-hero brother, Thor.

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