music to the ears

If I were to keep comparing myself to others, with others, I will never be happy or find peace within. Yet this is how our society is like, forcing us to rank overselves with our peers, draw parallels and comparisons even amongst friends and family, and I get sucked into this cess pool, driving myself deeper into misery. We can’t help it, in a place where information is so easily and widely available, whether or not we actually want any access to it or not. So sometimes, ignorance really is bliss but then again curiosity gets the better of us, which then kills the cat, and us, along with it.

Nobody likes an unhappy person, because negativity perpetuates itself and it loves company. I am trying to become happier, to delight in the things that can bring a smile to my face, to let go of comparisons, not to ignore them, but to acknowledge that they are an inevitable part of life and that everyone is blessed in different ways. When I finally am able to come to terms with that, perhaps I can indeed become lighter, in all senses of the word. I can never make enough money, become too successful, be smart enough, and so on and so forth. The crux is contentment. Which will be my point of contentment?

Music had made a quiet exit in my life. I used to be plugged in to music on my daily commute regardless of how long or short the journey, and through whatever means I get introduced to songs new and old. But somehow somewhere, I stopped. I don’t know what’s the latest tune making the rounds on the airwaves and I don’t even listen to radio anymore. Just check out how old school my music player is.


An iPod Video, maybe a 4th generation? I can’t remember but it has its history and is easily more than 5 years of age. Its battery life is surely waning and I don’t know when it will decide to fail (again) and die. I don’t have a back-up of the stuff in it because most of them weren’t mine to begin with. As I charged it and turned it on today on my way to the office, the familiar tunes were indeed music to the ears. How I have missed having it, not the recent K-pop that had arrested my attention for a while, but the lilting and haunting sounds of the UK bands that I so missed.

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