I have always wanted to try the products of Swissbake, but for some reason or another, I have not gotten round to it. On the various occasions where I have stood and pondered over whether I should buy their bread loaves for the week’s breakfast or not, I have always ended up getting some other brands of breads instead. It doesn’t help that their breads have extremely short validity periods, which could be a good sign of no or little preservatives added to enable them to keep longer. But it’s quite a challenge to have to finish an entire loaf by myself within say, 3 to 4 days. Well, I know I could always share them with my brother, if he is willing to.

Swissbake cafes are not a novelty I would believe, as there are already quite a number of them around, based on what is indicated on their page, and there is even one that is fairly near to where I work, albeit that it requires me to hop onto the MRT to get there. I really did it one day, because I needed to get out a bit and breathe some fresh air, and embarrassingly, I spent a disproportionate amount of time in the cafe pacing between the gorgeous displays of pastries in their buttery glazed glory, the neatly arranged bowls of salads and muesli parfaits in the chiller, and the premade warm sandwiches perched in a case on the counter. Finally, I decided to order a sandwich, generously packed with slices of turkey ham and cheese between two slices of what I think should be multi-grain bread, or their Kraftkorn bread.   20131014-083852.jpg

This is a pre-made sandwich that you can just order from the counter, but from a menu board that I read, it appears that you can also order custom-made sandwiches from them, although I can’t remember if they have a “salad-bar” concept of what’s available (like at Subway) for you to choose the item to go into the sandwich. Maybe I will try that the next time I drop into a Swissbake cafe.

Sandwiches these days seem to be pretty costly lunches, or maybe I am simply out of touch. This simple-looking sandwich costs S$8.90, although it does fill me up a fair bit, I think it might not have been sufficient for bigger eaters with heftier appetites. Nonetheless, it’s filled with goodness, though the copious amounts of cheese made it a little too salty for my liking. Now that I think about it, Subway sandwiches cost just a tad lesser, depending on what fillings you choose, and at cafes like Coffee Bean and Starbucks (which I seldom ever order their sandwiches), sandwiches easily cost more than this, but then they come complemented by side salads or chips. 


The mesculun salad in this sandwich has been worked in between the bread too, and they serve this up with a tiny portion of diced tomato, as an appetiser perhaps. I didn’t try their beverages since I already had coffee that morning, so I don’t know if their caffeine is any good. But there will always be a chance in future I’m sure. And perhaps I will also finally buy their bread loaves and pastries to try too!

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