shopping for make-up stuff

Which was exactly what I did at the Tangs Citibank 12% rebate event. Quite frankly, I am not a make-up person and I don’t shop for cosmetics frequently; only when I need something do I ever check out make-up counters so places like Sephora, despite it being a haven for make-up junkies (and of course including other associated toiletries products and accessories) have yet to be an alluring place for me even if on some occasions I have walked into their huge bright sparkly stores.

I think the last 12% rebate event wasn’t too long ago, because I also went there to replenish a blusher that had run out completely. Yes that is how I use some of my make-up items like blusher and loose powder, until their very last particle. Other things like eyeshadows are usually binned before they pan, because of infrequent usage and also I don’t want to take my chance on the shelf lives of some of these products.

The visit to Tangs, which was a quick one, as I had planned to just get the Chanel loose powder that had also run out and leave. When I got there it was past 8:30pm, and there were still shoppers who like me, had just arrived, but the crowd wasn’t overwhelming like those at the Isetan private sales, or maybe Tangs is now much bigger in terms of shop floor and movable space after their major renovation, or it was just the timing. Nevertheless, the make-up counters were quite well-prepared for the event as there were plenty of sales/beauty associates around to tend to customers. I was served within a minute of arriving at the Chanel counter, and the SA who served me was really friendly and helpful. I didn’t get her name though but I was quite happy with the prompt and polite service.   


And in addition to the loose powder I purchased, I was given two samples of a eye cream to try. If I like it enough, it could be the next eye-care product to try when the Origins eye cream/balm runs out. Haha.

So that part of the shopping was purposeful and to-the-point, pretty much how I shop these days when it comes to cosmetics. But then I decided to pop over to Bobbi Brown too, because when I received the Tangs mailer, I saw that they were selling the Pink Coffret set, which contained a pink blush and brush, a limited edition item sold in support of the Breast Cancer Foundation Beam15 project, where Estee Lauder had indicated that 100% of the profits (not sure how much that works out to be though) will go to this project. Being able to do my part to support a cause, and as well get a new blusher, I had wanted to buy this the last time it was launched but it sold out really quickly, and this time I was lucky to lay my hands on the last piece last night! I didn’t try the blush colour to see if it would suit me, but I guess it should be fine, even if I have not tried Bobbi Brown blushes before, and the last blush I got from the other recent 12% rebate event was MAC’s Well-Dressed, also a pink tinge; let’s see in future how they compare with each other.  20131004-093703.jpg

So these were my spoils from the short trip to Tangs, and yay to the 12% rebates earned that can go towards offsetting future shopping at Tangs! I quite enjoy shopping in Tangs and if I weren’t so tired after Bikram Yoga last night, I might have considered venturing to the upper levels to check out the shoes and clothes. Oh well, maybe I’ll set aside more time for shopping when it gets closer to Christmas. I think I need a wardrobe revamp, and I need to seriously declutter and throw out more of those clothes that I know I won’t be wearing anymore!

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