make some plans

Maybe it is time for me to start planning for vacations. For the longest time, I have been procastinating, and not feeling any wanderlust. To be more accurate, it wasn’t that wanderlust left me, but rather there was something festering inside that overwhelmed any other feelings.

That something, I don’t know if it has been put to rest, but I know there are stronger forces at work that will prevail and triumph.

Considered several options, and somehow in the midst of all that consideration, wanderlust seemed to have dissipated once more.


Hong Kong.


Where else? Maybe somewhere in the US? Or Melbourne? Flights of fancy… including Cologne because of that train ride, Moscow because last November I didn’t have a proper chance to be a tourist even though safety considerations tend to deter me from thoughts of heading there, Vienna because I have always seen such beautiful pictures of the place and have since then entertained thoughts of visiting…

Let’s see what happens, if wanderlust will return again.

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