Toss & Turn, ION Orchard

Urgh, lousy unclear shot. But yes, at long last I finally walked into Toss & Turn in basement 4 of ION Orchard, something I’ve been wanting to do for a really long time!20130828-100520.jpg

I didn’t know before that they were part of Cedele, but it wasn’t hard to know because once I passed by and peeked at the menu offerings and spied the Cedele logo. I wished I had a Cedele near my office because I can’t rave enough about how much I enjoy their food, despite some occasions of lousy service. Anyways, Toss & Turn is a great idea, but it’s like a sub-branch of the usual Cedele shops because I recalled seeing the same salad bar at the Cedele outlet at Novena Square. They offer some sandwiches too, and also have the usual daily soup selections, so I’m guessing they don’t have the full range of sandwiches that Cedele bakery cafes carry?

But. That’s where my disclaimer comes in before everything else; the salads are pretty pricey. Ok, I know salads aren’t really meant to be cheap considering that it really isn’t just a bowl of greens like how some people may imagine when it comes to their idea of what a salad is. But most of the ready-to-order salads cost more than S$10 per serving, although to be fair to them, the serving is enormous, from what I could see on the tables of other patrons. If not, you could always choose to make-your-own and mix items per your wish. You have a choice of two sizes, with the smaller costing S$7.80 and the bigger one at S$9.80, including a salad base (greens, rice salad, noodle salad or pasta), 2 deli or protein items and 2 others (e.g. beans and stuff). I chose to mix my own and I was so spoilt for choice at the deli/protein part because I felt like ordering everything there. Technically you could, by adding a cost to each item. I can’t remember how much each additional item cost, but then you’ll be having an extremely costly salad.

So the result of my selection for a small portion was the noodle salad which I kind of liked (I think it’s tossed in an aglio olio way), grilled chicken which wasn’t too bad but felt a tad dry, grilled beet root, edamame beans and almond flakes:  20130828-100532.jpg

I couldn’t finish all the noodles even though it was a small size so you can imagine how much there must be if it was the regular (or is it called large) size. I’m quite sure this will only be the start of my visits to Toss & Turn, and I can definitely consider taking away their salads home in future! Oh, and I ordered a coffee too, which seemed like an odd choice with a salad, but I wanted to have coffee and didn’t want to have the usual cake/muffin/scone so I popped into Toss & Turn. Their coffee isn’t fantastic but it will do, especially when it’s just S$3 compared to the usual brews elsewhere that are about at least S$4.

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