Cakes at Joe & Dough, Millenia Walk

So in my last visit to J&D at Millenia Walk, I was raving about the tantalising cake display, or rather what I perceived as tantalising, it’s subjective. I did in fact make a second trip back over the long weekend (which I wished so hard was a perennial instalment in our lives!) and only had cakes and drinks. Well, that is the bane of my existence because over the long weekend I think I had too much of good food and I actually gained some weight that had me experiencing bouts of stress once more! Like I haven’t had enough stress to deal with in my life already…

So anyhow, back to the cakes! Yes, food shouldn’t be complicated, it’s just a relationship between the eater and the food. Or maybe not just, how about the preparer? 20130814-112914.jpg

This is the tea-time spread! Which also counted as a late(r) lunch for me. I still stand by my opinions that the cakes look darn good, don’t you think? And delicious-looking cakes go so well with latte art. Well, aesthetics matter a lot in our society today, too much maybe, so that these days all the niche cafes, or rather those interesting indie cafes (not those big chains that everyone turns their noses up at these days for having lousy coffee or whatever), everyone tries to outdo one another or offer a basic latte art for all milk-based drinks.20130814-112924.jpg

Let’s take a closer look at our choices. We had a little struggle which ones to pick, and finally settled for looks, which was the reason behind ordering this cranberry whole wheat cake.20130814-112930.jpg

The second pick wasn’t in the main cake display but rather displayed in a separate round, glass cake stand, the carrot cake topped with walnut. 20130814-112935.jpg

Hot chocolate with the latte art! No art on my drink of course, since it was just an americano, I would like to see how anyone can create any art on it.20130814-112943.jpg

So how did the cakes fare? To be honest, a little disappointing. They look much better than they taste, or maybe I had too high expectations based solely on how they appeared. The layer of frosting/cream on cranberry cake was a little too sweet for me despite that I had the cakes with coffee, although I did quite like the inside of the cake, i.e. the whole wheat crust that was also used as part of the cake itself.

As for the carrot cake, it was ok, just ok. The cream cheese frosting tasted alright but the cake itself was not moist enough so it didn’t have that omph factor when you have a really good carrot cake.

Like I said, maybe we expected too much, also because I was raving about it to my friend and insisted that we try their cakes and specially made a trip to Millenia Walk for them. They aren’t bad or not nice but just ordinary, so maybe in the next visit I will pick and try the other cake offerings, one at a time to share perhaps with their great sandwiches.

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