Sugisawa, Robertson Quay

I was trying to look for any homepage online of Sugisawa at Robertson Quay but they only have a FB page it seems, although there have been various reviews by local food bloggers since years back for this Japanese restaurant. Well I didn’t actually read the reviews but a quick scan shows that the reviews seemed generally good and positive, and it is also proof that this eatery has been around for a good many years. For good reason too! It is actually the first time I’m trying it, because there are just too many F&B outlets in that area to check out and I don’t usually go there because it is kind of like some “atas” area that is not within close proximity of MRT stations. I love Japanese food, and have tried a different Jap restaurant just next to it (if I’m not wrong it’s called Shunjuu) which was really good too!

Anyway, back to Sugisawa. Their menu doesn’t contain many pictures, especially of the a la carte items but the bento boxes are mostly pictured, to give you an idea of what you are paying for and also to perhaps help with the decision-making. Prices are pretty reasonable, for each bento box you pay about S$20 (before taxes) depending on what goes into the box.

My friend ordered an assortment of tempura, cold soba and sushi, priced at S$24. Imagine all this food for just S$24!


I might have considered this too because tempura is something I really enjoy but it felt like a substantial amount of carbohydrates and I had quite a big sandwich at lunch so I passed on it.20130813-101419.jpg

And opted for this instead, which had a very generous fillet of grilled teriyaki cod, salmon and tuna sashimi and some other assortment of items that included a prawn, sweet egg, carrot, fishcake, etc. There was rice too, of course, sprinkled with a dusting of plum powder which I liked but I didn’t take the rice since the rest of the items in the box already left me extremely full by the end of it. 20130813-101426.jpg

Here’s a closer look, and oh man, just looking at the cod makes me feel like eating it again.20130813-101433.jpg

What I liked about them was that the food was really good, of course that’s one of the things we look for in restaurants/eateries, and they are generous with the serving too. The sushi is more fish than rice and the ingredients were fresh and tasty. It was an enjoyable dinner that did not burn a hole in our pockets, and it was also a rather cool evening so sitting outside did not make us start perspiring over our food. I’m not sure how spacious the inside of the restaurant would be but on weekends if you would like to sit indoors perhaps you want to try calling for reservations. Service was generally ok but when the customers started filing in around dinner-time, they seemed pretty short-handed and requests for top-up of our green tea took a while, three times to three different waitresses before our cups were re-filled. Other than that, it’s a good place that I will return again for their food.

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