In addition to this cheerful vase of flowers, I got some other well-meaning gifts for my birthday too! Maybe the biggest presents these days come from myself since I would know best what I want right? Gone are those days when you receive tonnes of gifts from the groups of friends and from the beginning my family don’t have the practice of gifting. But I did get a small red packet from mum though, for well wishes and good luck.

One of my friends know that I love toiletries, in the form of bath toiletries or body lotions, and got me this new item from Crabtree & Evelyn. I haven’t used Crabtree’s products for a while because recently I have been using shower gels from the BodyShop and Dove (drugstore brand that works fine too!) so when I am done with those I will move on to give this a try! 🙂20130808-082552.jpgThe steamboat dinner at my bro’s place was also some sort of a gift-ceremony because July sees birthdays of three members of the family, myself included. So my sister-in-law and brother were so kind to not just host us for dinner, but also got each of us gifts. These were the ones I received, and each comes personalised with a handwritten message within, one by my sister-in-law and another by my brother. 🙂

20130808-082604.jpgI haven’t read them yet, as with some other books I have, but for sure I will get down to them soon enough, I hope!

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