have you begun to get bored already?

I think you may all have grown tired and bored of seeing the same type of pictures each week. I apologise but my life is not all that colourful and interesting to be honest, even if I believe I have a time management issue, weekdays or weekends. I am frequently grappling with the lack of time but yet there are days when I get bored despite all the things that I seemingly fill my time up with. Perhaps it is a routine that has grown stale at some points but nevertheless I am always thankful when the weekend is around because that is the time when I can really enjoy an entire day of bliss.

To me, bliss is simply-defined. This to me, after yoga, is bliss. And this isn’t an old picture, if you’re wondering. It was taken over the weekend, it’s just that the setting is always the same, coffee with muffin. Haha.


There was still an oatmeal muffin left at Spinelli that day! Ok, maybe it is time again to wean off muffins because they are really unhealthy, but it is such a great mid-day snack with coffee, don’t you agree? Cakes are another option but I prefer muffins to cakes, and yes I still have yet to check out the scones places! Shall make a mental note about that and stop procrastinating!

But over the weekend, I did do something that was different from my usual routine these days. It reminded me of past days, when most weekends and even some weekdays were spent chilling out at pubs with great live bands, enjoying some beers and bar grub with friends. It is a good idea to cut down on the beer and bar food because these do nothing for the body and negates whatever good I’m doing with exercising, but with it also means socially I have become somewhat of a recluse. In fact, these days I have gotten so lazy at socialising that I barely can find the energy to meet up with friends regularly.


Still, despite that I was completely exhausted by the end of that night,ย it was a good catch-up session.

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