Bazin, Marina Bay Sands

Sunday evening was spent at Marina Bay Sands, where I got another birthday treat! Yay to treats! Originally we were thinking of heading to South Coast, as I requested for “casual dining” but when we walked past, the place seemed rather crowded and there was only al fresco dining (if we weren’t mistaken), so we moved a little further and saw Bazin, which is also categorised as “casual dining” as per MBS’ website, and it also features al fresco dining, but it had an added advantage of an open-concept indoor-dining area (no walls) so it wasn’t too warm with some airconditioning and fans. Besides, the pizzas that I saw other patrons having seemed really good and I was sort of having a pizza craving.

Colourful drinks before dinner is served. 20130724-091720.jpg

Although we had originally ordered chips and salsa (from the Bar Menu), it wasn’t available that day, so we changed to truffle fries instead. To be very honest, I am ok to have fries plain as I am not a huge fan of truffle fries. I don’t not like it but to me, it’s just adding some salty flavour to fries that works the same as good old salt perhaps; they taste roughly the same to me, and I usually prefer fries without any sale. But still, these were a great welcome to me. I think I have been depriving myself of fries for a long time, even though the last I had fries was actually just a week ago, but compared to days past when I would eat potatoes/fries/whatever on a more regular basis, I think it was a good time to give myself a treat too! These were nicely done and freshly-fried, but felt a tad oily as when they were served, the oil was visibly glistening off the surface of the fries.20130724-091733.jpg

Our pizza came next. We ordered the Smokey Chicken pizza, and it was huge! Well, by my standards the size was big. Not the biggest I’ve seen or had (Pepperoni Pizzeria seriously has huge XXL-sized ones), but for two persons this was considered big.20130724-091745.jpg


Here’s the pizza taken with other items in the picture for comparison of the size. I love the pizza though, its crust was so thin and crispy and they don’t exactly stinge on the ingredients even if I wouldn’t have minded if there was more! Haha. It reminded me a little of Skinny Pizza, but this wasn’t as crispy. When I had pizza at Skinny Pizza, sometimes I feel like I’m eatng a biscuit more than pizza, but they have great pizzas too. 🙂

Bazin, a celebration of food and drink.


Apparently, they have other types of menu too, i.e. Theatre Menu, Kids & Dessert Menu. They also serve a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and that evening actually some people were just sitting having some beers enjoying the view of the sunset over the marina. From where we were, we could get a fairly good view of the evening sun setting behind the silhouette of the skyline created by skyscrapers in the business district across the waters. It was a beautiful evening, and a great way to wrap up the birthday weekend.

Bazin serves high tea too! Maybe next time, I’ll return to try that, or the other items on the menu!

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