Coffee break!

Two of three redeemed, complimentary from Starbucks!20130716-090045.jpg

It’s been some time since I last had cheesecake and it still tastes good, even if this was a commercially-manufactured slice from Starbucks but it’s cookie crumble! Some of my friends are averse to dairy products and so things like cheesecake are a bane for them. I can’t imagine how living without dairy would be like because it is a rather large part of my diet, but I suppose what appeals to some don’t appeal to all. Each has his or her own likes and preferences, way of doing things and living life. It’s just like how very few people would understand the kind of life I lead and the sort of thoughts that occupy my mind all the time. Oh well, I’m still trying to figure my way out.20130716-090057.jpg

This wasn’t the first July cake I had. Spinelli gave me a free slice of cake too but I opted for their amazing Apple Crumble pie, which unfortunately, was not so amazingly plated when I had it last week. I can’t recall if it’s not meant to be heated up, but I said yes anyway when the question was posed if I would like it warmed up. Perhaps the heating made it soft and fragile so when it was being transferred from plate to plate, it ended up being a little mashed up and looked a tad messy.

However nice, there should still be a limit to it though.

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