soupy goodness

The skyline in Singapore seems to have taken on a slight gloomy, hazy look once more. Starting from a few days ago, our clear blue skies are now shrouded by a grey that I don’t know if it is due to the haze or just clouds. Nonetheless, there has been some rain, which is always good to a certain extent in clearing the haze and lowering the ground temperatures. As long as it doesn’t bring too much inconvenience. The weekend saw a mixture of warm and cold. Saturday was a relatively warm day, when you on the outside, whereas on Sunday I think I felt cold for most parts of the day. Cold, not in the kind of cold that we think of in comparison to other cities, but cold as in I’d need to wear a cardigan inside the chilled interiors of malls and even our metro.

So I thought it would be a great idea to have soup for dinner last evening, and popped into Cedele. I thought they used to have sizes when it comes to soup, but there was only one price on the menu for a soup + bread bar set, at S$8, which I ordered. The bowl was quite big, though shallow, but I think most would think it might be a bit much. For S$8, I think it was ok for the size, plus there was a good selection of bread available that you could help yourself to! At least the outlet I went to yesterday had a good stock of bread, unlike some past visits elsewhere where the choice was pathetic, though I guess you could always ask the staff to replenish the stock. 20130715-095022.jpg

Decided on a pumpkin soup because part of me was craving for pumpkin, and I certainly helped myself to the bread! I would have taken even more if I didn’t consider that all that bread was going to make me so full and I might end up wasting some of what I’d taken.

The soup was good! Not too lumpy or watery, and it goes very well with the bread that contained bits of walnuts in them. A simple way to make the evening good and round up a nice weekend of doing only what I wanted to.20130715-095034.jpg

I think the soup in Cedele, and I guess Soup Spoon too, should be of the healthy variety without addition of MSG, but somehow I always seem to feel a little parched after a couple of hours of consuming the soup. It isn’t the parched due to saltiness kind of dry throat, but there is a slightly not-so-pleasant after-effect of taking the soups that mars the enjoyment. I can’t really describe it and each time I’d think of not taking their soups again, but yet there are days when I don’t feel like having a sandwich or salad.

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