I was searching under one of my pages that was “dedicated” to posting pictures of the bags that I own, a used-to-be hobby of sorts, but I was unable to find any pictures of the only Miu Miu bag I own, taken in its past glory before the effects of wear-and-tear and climate set in. Maybe I will be able to find a past picture somewhere in my pictures archive I don’t know, let’s see.

But it has been some years since I bought it, and during a certain period I used it pretty frequently. The laziness bug that is deeply ingrained in me causes me to use a bag repeatedly, even though we all know that bags, like shoes, and perhaps even clothes, need rotation. We can’t keep wearing the same pair of shoes or carrying the same bag, expecting that they will last us for a long time.

I put away the bag for a while, maybe forgot about it, and when I took it out again one fine day, I realised that it had suffered from some mould attack. After another long time interval, I finally got over my procrastination and sent the bag for cleaning. They told me that they won’t be able to get rid of the black spots totally because they had already stained the leather, so if I wanted to I should consider dyeing the leather to a dark shade like black or brown. The reason I got this, which is a light baby-blue/grey shade (can’t really describe it properly) was because I liked this colour back then, even though I guess black and brown were also available then. Of course, going forward now, I will err on the side of caution and be unimaginative when it comes to colours for bags and just choose dark colours.


From afar, it still looks decent to a certain extent, even though you can tell that the bag has definitely seen better days. 😦

But up close, the spots are still rather visible, and of all places, they will definitely be in the most visible place, since this is also the area that comes into contact with me/my skin or rain/shine, etc. most.


Someone just asked me if I did a lot of shopping since I was in Paris. Well, no, I told her. This is one of the reasons. I can’t take care of them well, so I think I should minimise more of such future heartache and heartbreak.

Wow, I certainly do sound like a reformed or rehabilitated shopaholic/bagaholic don’t I? WIthout even going through any therapy sessions or the likes!

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