Commune Cafe & Bistro No. 50

There are times when I would literally get very excited when I spot a nice cafe that appears in the midst of malls that I visit every now and then. Well, for someone who doesn’t drive and am rather averse to the idea of walking around in the renowned heat and humidity of Singapore, I am sad to admit that most of the cafes that I have visited are generally confined within shopping malls. Once in a while, I’d be brave and venture somewhere but like in the case of Kith Cafe at Rodyk Street, I suffered terribly as a result. Unfortunately, a lot of cafes that are not your run of the mill coffee chains but rather with a more unique setting are those that are not located in malls. Perhaps the rental price tag in these malls are too high to allow these standalone cafes to sustain.

But! All hope is not lost. Sometime back, while at Millenia Walk, I’d chance upon this furniture shop on the second level where a cafe also sits. It is a fairly small cafe, with seats that occupy two of the linkways between the two sides of level 2. The linkways are decorated in such a way that these seating areas of the cafe appear part of an establishment instead of mere tables and chairs arranged for the benefit of shoppers who need to rest their feet. I finally got a chance to check it out recently, or rather plucked myself off my lazy bum to explore rather than head back to the familiar Starbucks or otherwise.

Dropped in one morning and there weren’t much food choice available. I was craving for scones but there were none in sight. Not being in the mood for brownies or cakes in the morning or even sandwiches, I decided instead on a slice of banana walnut cake. Besides carrot cake, this is the other type of cake that I generally order because of the richness of the banana flavour. Yes maybe I am going bananas too.

20130607-230116.jpgDidn’t know how their long black would turn out, but anyway it was quite a small portion but extremely potent! I took a while to drink it because it was really hot initially and as I was doing some studying whilst having a late breakfast or early lunch, it probably sat for too long and turned sour. But I still finished most of it anyhow. But the cake was great, warmed up but of course didn’t stay warm throughout the time that I left it on the huge white plate that it was served on. It was a very small slice though, not enough for me of course but then it would be silly to order another slice, at S$3.50 each!

It isn’t recommended if you want to come in a big group because as you can see, tables are generally meant for just 2 persons. I’m not sure if this place gets crowded but while I was there, the other linkway had several tables of office people grabbing a mid-morning coffee perhaps (somehow always wonder why people in town never seem to need to work since they can sit for a long time at cafes when it’s supposed to be working hours). Even as lunch hour crept in, the tables weren’t fully occupied, but I didn’t stay to see if there was any after-lunch crowd or maybe afternoon-coffee crowd, because like I mentioned above, town office folks seem to have the liberty of long coffee breaks.

20130607-230133.jpgThe banana cake was a little crumbly but except for some of those crumbs that broke off while I cut into the cake, most of it stayed together in the midst of being transported from plate to mouth. It retained its moisture too despite the microwaving and I think it’s just too small to satisfy my hunger or craving.

20130607-230145.jpgThose are the folks that I spoke of, the mid-morning coffee crowd.

20130607-230155.jpgAnd to end off, an aerial view of the order. I got inspired from a friend I think, to take such pictures, because they seem to make the food look nicer when it’s neatly-arranged and laid out in the photo, rather than how I used to snap really close-up pictures of food that had my friends balking because it was too in-your-face.

20130607-230209.jpgMillenia Walk now has a Joe & Dough that boasts more seating as compared to the puny space they occupy in Hitachi Tower and where they used to occupy in Suntec City (closed since end February this year I read). These cafes always make me wish that I work in town because then I can have all the kinds of sandwiches and coffee that I can want on a daily basis. Of course it would spell trouble for my wallet since these cafes are way more expensive than food courts or hawker centres but at least I would have a choice. Sigh!

4 thoughts on “Commune Cafe & Bistro No. 50

  1. Hi Author,

    Thank you for your visit; we are heartened to read your reviews. Just some assurances, the long black didn’t exactly turn sour. Our blend is a mixture of beans from different origins; the high acidity is typical is of South American and African beans, and that our coffee beans are medium-roasted. Somehow, the Aussies (and other Caucasians/white) love it and we manage to poach them from other cafes.

    As for the serving portion, we are in the midst of a discussion on how to make it more affordable and attractive. Thanks for your feedback!

    • Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment! I’m so sorry for the comment that makes me now sound like an ignoramus. Haha. Actually, I’m not an expert when it comes to coffee, or even something close. I liked that the coffee was strong though, and like I mentioned, the banana cake was great. Perhaps it’s because I love such cakes too much that I never have enough of them despite the serving size, so maybe this was good in making me exercise control.

      Still, thanks for informing about the coffee, now I know a little bit more about coffee! 🙂

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