long weekends

Sometimes I really wonder about the beauty of long weekends. These are usually times when people would make the best of the break to go away, as evidenced by all those holiday pictures spamming my FB feed. Maybe it’s time I take a break from social media too I thought. Someone asked me why I didn’t take this opportunity to head somewhere too.

Anyway, even though I didn’t go anywhere during the three-day weekend, time still passed so quickly that even before I could blink an eye it seemed like Monday is here again. Spent some time resting my exhausted body and met up with the girls for D’s belated birthday celebration. It was a fairly quiet affair over dinner but was probably a little too brief and muted too because some of us weren’t in the best of our health. Nevertheless, it’s always good to catch up and laugh ourselves silly over the most innocuous things. Laughter is the best remedy for stress ain’t it?

Moving randomly on, I was never really a big fan of the famed Japanese confectionery, Tokyo Banana, that if I recalled having it once, was a sponge/chiffon cake roll shaped like a banana containing custard cream of sorts. My preference is usually for biscuits/crackers so I didn’t really fancy this banana thing. But they have since evolved too, and now besides the original Tokyo Banana, they have come out with new variations:20130527-104251.jpg


Waffle biscuits sandwiched with a layer of cream. Now we’re talking.

And on the topic of Japanese snacks (again), I really like this semi-circular biscuit that came in a black sesame-speckled version! 20130527-104323.jpg

From the same brand, I got another box of smaller wafer biscuits that come with sakura or matcha-flavoured cream in between. Yummy.20130527-104335.jpg

Haven’t been having much mood to check out new places lately, also because of the unpredictable weather. Some days it’s just too overwhelmingly warm that I just want to stay where the air-conditioning can cool my heated skin, which of course means the same few places in town. If not, there would be some sudden heavy downpour that still prevents me from going anywhere out of the ordinary. Ironically, the rain doesn’t do much to salvage the situation where termperatures are concerned, because the air afterward still feels muggy and humid.

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