L’Occitane Hand Cream (Marvellous Flowers)

If I remember correctly, I bought these at DFS because I went to Helsinki in January. Maybe. Oops, my memory hasn’t been too great lately, and I have been feeling so tired for no reason. I was walking around as usual passing time before the flight, and found my way into Esprit where I decided to get the wool cap because I know that in cold places I always feel lightheaded when the cold gets too much for my head. I had wanted to get a nice, colourful and cheerful-looking cap when I was in Tokyo last December but decided against it because Tokyo was still bearable then. I didn’t know at that point that I would have to travel to Helsinki, where the temperatures dipped so low, the lowest temperatures that I have ever experienced in my entire life so far.

20130411-102251.jpgSince the Philosophy hand cream that I bought was a pretty small tube, I thought of getting something new to try. Unfortunately there weren’t many choices for me because I was looking for an optimal-sized tube that is more portable, which I could pop into any hand-carry bag when I travel, particularly now that we need to observe the rule on restrictions of liquids/gels/etc. brought on-board the plane.

The Marvellous Flowers hand cream from L’Occitane has a powdery, floral scent to it that doesn’t overpower. I didn’t use it when I was in Helsinki because surprisingly, the Philosophy tube lasted me throughout the week-long trip there, or probably I didn’t use it as often as I should because upon my return I did see that parts of my index finger were peeling rather badly. I only just started using this new tube in Singapore, in the office, which due to the air-conditioning, could make my hands pretty dry. I try to be more conscientious in using it after washing and drying my hands, especially now after all these trips abroad my hands really do seem to need some moisturising care. This hand cream is suitable for use in our climate here, because for me, my skin absorbs it rather well so that it doesn’t leave too many obvious greasy trails on my iPhone screen, laptop keyboard or office table top. But it also means at the same time that I have to re-apply often; I have yet to find a hand cream that does not trade-off the moisturising factor with non-greasiness.

Perhaps Philosophy comes closer to being one of those hand creams that is not too greasy but yet does the job well of keeping our hands adequately moisturised. I will give it a second try and if it is really like what I remembered, then it’d be on its way to becoming my holy grail of hand creams!

Friday is just hours away, TGIF everyone, wherever you are reading this from. Take care, and have a wonderful weekend!

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