goodness of greens

The very first time I came to know about what “Thunder Tea Rice” is was probably years back when I was working in the Suntec/Millenia area. Oh how I miss those days…

Back then when Food Republic was still at the convention area (until recently that is) there was a stall that sells this and I was quite a fan of the stall but I never ordered this dish, because simply put it’s just a bowl of vegetables and rice, which comes with a bowl of mint green concoction that I was told wasn’t too nice. So obviously, it never entered into my realm of consideration when I was choosing what to eat for lunch. Instead, what always ends up on my tray is a bowl of brown rice, topped with dark soy sauce basil chicken and a fried egg. Supposedly, this stall sells healthy stuff, as in this Thunder Tea Rice is touted as a healthy food option, but with the basil chicken rice that I always order, seemingly coated with a glistening sheen of oil, I am not too sure about that.

20130305-112633.jpgIt was only recently, maybe in the last couple of years, that I started to appreciate the goodness of Thunder Tea Rice. No doubt I always knew how it is generally healthy, but the taste and texture of all the greens mixed together, plus the peanuts and anchovies and my additional option of the fried egg, these have begun to grow on me. Now instead of Basil Chicken, I only order this. Even the mint green-coloured soup that is served together with it doesn’t really taste that bad. You have to try it to know it, and although I won’t say I love the soup, it is pretty much ok; I just worry if greenish fibre-like objects stick to my teeth after drinking it that will cause a whole lot of embarrassment.

Honestly, I do not know if this is entirely a healthy lunch choice, but I just tell myself it is, and the best part is that I like it. Healthy food is generally never good or tasty but in this case, I would think otherwise, or perhaps it is an acquired taste. Some people think I am health-conscious and eat really healthily; I will admit to the extent that I am conscious of some of the things that I put into digestive system, but not so because I am always concerned about my health and well-being but because I try to compensate for my unhealthy eating habits. As compared to the average adult, I snack way more than most; even if I have a proper full meal my mind invariably wanders to the type of snacks that I can have. And we all know how most types of snacking are very unhealthy, which also happen to the types that I indulge in.

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