Marina Hong Kong Roast Meat, United Square

I’m back from the weekend! It’s Tuesday anyhow and yes I was already back in action, at work or otherwise, since yesterday. But as I had made a lengthy, wordy post yesterday I thought I’d pace myself for the week. Weekends are like my (un)official rest days, whether it is from work or from blogging. I love to write, don’t get me wrong, and even on weekends I am guilty of always being part of the demographic group who is constantly checking out what’s happening online, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or other forms of social media. I would admit as much my addiction to the virtual world and its offerings, it feels kind of weird sometimes to be disconnected, especially when I travel and there is no data (oh the woes) available! All of a sudden, I’d feel a tad lost, a tad perturbed, but honestly I don’t think I miss out that much, and most importantly I believe that social media and the use of smart phones is more a way for me to while time away.

But well, weekends are busy times for me! Or at least during certain parts of either days, I am fairly occupied in a gainful way of course.

This is a random food post, because today I had wanton noodles for lunch, and I realised that there is a difference in quality as compared to the wanton noodles I ate last week. Sometimes, my colleagues will drive to United Square for lunch, and if the weather isn’t too humid and warm, we’d choose to eat at this stall next to Yakun, where we could conveniently adjourn for coffee thereafter. Facing Yakun, there are two noodle stalls, the one to your right is the Pontian wanton noodles store and to your left would be the Marina Hong Kong Roast Meat store. According to my colleagues, the latter serves up better food, and the good thing about either stores is that you can take your coffee at their seating areas if you like, no need to wait around for available tables in Yakun!

Marina Hong Kong Roast Meat offers a pretty wide variety on their menu, from roast pork (siew yoke), duck, char siew, etc., in rice or noodle form, and I think they have chicken too though I cannot be too sure. Besides that, they also sell porridge although not everything is always available because once I asked for one specific porridge and they didn’t have that on that particular day. So I ordered the char siew wanton mee instead.    



The noodles are pretty springy or what some would term “Q”, and they don’t stick together which makes for easy eating. However, I find that there is too much sauce drenched over them, which perhaps explains the non-stickiness, and the sauce was a little salty for my liking. The wanton were also not the best I have had, because the skin seemed to be too thick and I ended up cutting off the excess wanton skin and just eating the part with the meat wrapped inside. But the good thing about this store is that their char siew tastes great. I didn’t realise that I like their char siew until I had char siew wanton mee this afternoon at Toa Payoh Central, and found that the char siew was dry and tough. Marina Hong Kong Roast Meat’s char siew was adequately juicy and lean, I am not a fan of fatty pork or fatty-whatever meats, the texture just doesn’t appeal, so lean is good.

Despite me thinking that I should cut down on my meat intake, I love char siew as a kid. When I was young, I’d always be choosing to eat char siew rice over my brothers’ preference of chicken rice, and sometimes my mum would just buy char siew on its own, those with a edges slightly burned/charred to add variety to the bite when chewing. Coincidentally, one of my colleagues who joined us shortly after we started eating also made a comment that the char siew/siew yoke rice he ordered doesn’t compare with what he had at Marina Hong Kong Roast Meat last week! So it isn’t just my personal preference but a general consensus was reached amongst the lunch group.

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