trying to improve

I was trying to look for a picture but I realised most of these images below to people’s blogs and I don’t really want to reproduce them here. Anyway, this is a short post because this evening, I am feeling so tired. Maybe my body is trying to tell me to take a break but I just want to push myself more.

After a one-day break on Friday, I have been attending daily classes at the yoga studio. Hatha and Therapy on Saturday, Hot on Sunday and Monday, Hatha and PT on Tuesday, Pilates on Wednesday, Power on Thursday and Hot again today. With the daily practice, I do feel that I am improving a little, but perhaps with each further push that I give myself, I am putting myself nearer to the edge of sustaining injuries if I am not careful. My lower left back is experiencing some pain when I go into deeper back bends, or even when I attempt any semblance of back bends. I kept hoping it will go away but it seems to be quite persistent.

PT on Tuesday was fantastic, even if it wasn’t intense in a sweat-dripping way, I did really intense stretching for my shoulders and hips because my problem is that the muscles are too tight and they cause my alignment to be totally off sometimes. My shoulders actually ached for a couple of days after that session.

Tried doing the standing bow in Hot just now and I started wondering when I will ever achieve the perfect standing bow. Of course as it is now, I can’t even do a side split, so needless to say, a standing bow, which is actually a standing side split, is technically impossible, especially with my current back condition that makes it even harder.

4 thoughts on “trying to improve

  1. lovely to know you are seeking improvement. but do be good to yourself and listen to your body, be it tiredness, pain or aches. the best relationships (be with people and our own bodies) come from the same thing: listening, especially if pain persist.

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