Christmas 2012

Each year, a group of friends and I would meet up in December for our annual gift exchange. Come to think of it, it has already been a few years since we first started this tradition, and we have also seen some changes in the group dynamics. It’s amazing how people come together to become friends but I guess by fate, twist of events or otherwise, friends can also stop being friends.

This year we had our gift exchange at the new home of one of the girls, who kindly hosted us and provided us with a much-needed space away from the year-end crowds! Along with their nicely done-up home, they also generously sponsored food and drinks! There was even a Christmas tree that D & her hubby took a few hours to put together!


One of the girls just came back not so long ago from a vacation in the States and brought us all something from Bath & Body Works! I love their shower gels, especially this Japanese cherry blossom one I bought this year in April when I was in Austin for work.


I decided to get the girls something too, body cream shower from M&S, which smelled suspiciously like edible stuff instead! We are all really big fans of toiletries and the girls, cosmetics! In fact I think I learnt a great deal about make-up from them, after all these years of sharing.


Some pictures from the night, the food that we were stuffed with by the end if the night, including platters of sushi and sashimi, pizzas, chips and cheese balls, the well-known Lao Ban beancurd and of course the log cake at the end which ruru and I got for the party! Also, what are gift exchanges without presents? I bought something from Body Shop which I hope rara, who got it, will like! I got an eyeshadow palette from Benefit courtesy of bunzi and I really love it! I’ve already started using it days after I got the gift and it’s great! Easy to use, complete with step-by-step instructions and it really does make the eye look a tad bigger I think, yes even for ultra tiny peepers like I have…







It was a nice evening spent with them, but as the years pass I seem to feel a gradual drift taking place. Sometimes I feel like I’m not as close to them as I once was, and wondered if it’s due to my infrequent meet-ups with them, or do I just feel disconnected now because our lives seem to be branching in different directions? People drifting apart is an inevitable process in some cases, and I have had too many friends over these years from whom I have drifted away from. Is it so tough to keep things going for years and decades? Or am I not making enough effort to maintain our friendship? Recently I have spent so many occasions sitting by myself, in Singapore or abroad, sometimes thinking about these. It’s hard to find someone to spend time with on days when I thought I should not be spending alone yet I could go through an entire list of contacts and draw a blank. Has Singapore also become a place where the word home has started to lose its meaning?

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