Dean & Deluca, Tokyo

I know I am never contented with the status quo, even though I try to constantly remind myself to be thankful for all the things that I have going on in my life. But this post is not going to be about the general discontent that we tend to have in life, but more about the contradictory or conflicted feelings about vacations.

I was in Tokyo for a few days for a short holiday (like I have already mentioned umpteen times) beginning of this month, and at some point I think I was going through some really low point, yes, despite the fact that I was in Tokyo, my favourite city in the world. Taking a holiday alone is not something ground-breaking that no one has done before, and for me, I play it safer by doing it in places that I am more familiar with. This is the second solo holiday in Tokyo, and it felt rather different from the first time I vacationed on my own in this giant metropolis. I suppose the season has an effect too, even if the last time, it was pre-Valentine’s Day in Tokyo, and during that period there was so much romance going on everywhere. But probably Christmas has a greater effect on me as compared to Valentine’s, which is generally overhyped, in my opinion, even while I was in a relationship in the past.

Ok, back to the subject! Sorry for digressing. My first encounter with Dean & Deluca was actually in Tokyo, and not New York where it originated. This time since I spied a D&D outlet near where I stayed, I thought I’d pop in for breakfast one morning, and ordered myself a coffee and a Raspberry Ricotta muffin.


The muffin was so delicious! Lots of people do not really fancy muffins because they aren’t the healthiest of options when it comes to food, and besides it really is just one big chunk of baked flour, where the tastiest part is the top that has more texture while chewing, and also because it has a slight crispiness at the edges from baking. But this one contained ricotta within, and oh boy was it sinfully good! The raspberry taste was also found throughout the muffin, and mixed well with the cheese taste. Although on the whole, I found it to be still a little too much, I enjoyed it nonetheless and deemed it worth the calories.

After breakfast was over, which by the way was in a very small area of Lumine in Shinjuku with very limited seats, I popped over to where the D&D shop was. I was really smiling to myself, maybe on the inside, as I weaved around the shop’s aisles, taking in the wonderful scent of the baked goods, checking out how yummy they all seem to look on the display counters, wishing that I had the capacity to try everything without bursting (and of course, without the calories as well, fat hope!). Unfortunately, after the muffin and latte, there was no more room in my stomach for anything else, so I could only look and let my eyes feast.


Since Christmas was just round the corner, they were also selling lots of stuff infused with very strong Christmas vibes, all the cookies in shapes of Gingerbead man, Christmas trees, etc. and adorned with the traditional yuletide colours of red and green. I was really tempted to buy many things but a lot of them had really short shelf lives, and by the time I could get them to any of my friends for Christmas, I suspect that they would already be past their expiry dates. I am generally ok with eating things like cookies that are expired as long as there is no dodgy-looking mouldy bits on them but it isn’t good to give others things that are already expired! I don’t know if they allow pictures to be taken instore, but I stole a couple of shots anyway as I was browsing for some gifts. :p 20121228-100022.jpg

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