Joe & Dough, Singapore

This is the second outlet (that I know of anyway) in Singapore, located on the ground floor of Suntec City Mall, just outside near where Giant Supermarket now stands, or where Carrefour used to be. It is a rather small area, not unlike its first store in Raffles Place, on the second level of Change Alley (near SingPost), but perhaps the open-concenpt layout of this place lends it to a more spacious feel naturally, as compared to the Raffles Place store, which feels really crammed.

With the benefit of more space too I believe, the tables are not placed too near each other that it makes maneuvring to and out of your seat a challenge, and without the confines of the walls and doors, sound doesn’t become trapped in a tiny space that makes all conversations amplified, whether you intend to be an intentional eavesdropper or not.

I first got to know this cafe from someone else’s blog, if my memory hasn’t failed me. So I decided on this place for lunch when I made a trip to Raffles Place for a lunch appointment some years back, since I no longer work in that part of the city. The overall bill can be quite pricey, if you are thinking of this as a regular lunch place, maybe not so for us folks who earn a regular salary, S$10+ for a sandwich and cup of coffee (latte, etc.) can be too much on a day-to-day basis, but perhaps some of the Shenton Way dwellers earn big enough a salary to warranty such lunches daily, or more.


But to be fair, they have pretty decent coffee. I would choose this over Starbucks, sorry to say, even though I am a huge fan of the green-logoed chain from Seattle. In terms of the quality and intensity (be it acidity, body or flavour), this would be the preferred choice for me. Yet, you would wonder why I am always heading towards Starbucks everywhere I go… convenience is key. As compared to J&D (ooh, JD!) with two known outlets in Singapore, Starbucks outlets can almost be thought of as ubiquitous. I always thought that I should move to the Tiong Bahru area to live, because they have so many nice cafes offering quality coffee sprouting up like mushrooms appearing after the rain, but unfortunately property prices there are ridiculously high, and in terms of public transport, the stretch with the cafes isn’t exactly the most convenient for a person like me who don’t drive, and can’t.

And I swear I am having some raisin roll overload lately. From Tiong Bahru Bakery here at home all the way to Le Pain Quotidien in Moscow, I have been eating lots of this sinful, buttery pastry. Maybe I have finally moved on from the muffin phase to the raisin roll phase, even though this is not exactly some healthy choice over the former, it does still go very well, in fact, maybe even better, with coffee.


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