one more month to Christmas!

This was the first picture I took when I arrived in Moscow 2 Sundays ago. It has been a week since I have been back, and time is just zipping by so crazily fast, but somehow it feels like a long time has passed. I touched down on early Saturday morning while most of our tropical sunny isle was still snoozing in their dreams, but what a long day that was.

Anyway, the part about travelling that I really enjoy is seeing the nice scenery there, and of course experiencing the good part of the cities. I can certainly do without the nasty experiences, but sometimes these are also part and parcel of travelling. Great scenery is definitely not exclusive to foreign lands but we just take for granted what we have in Singapore most of the times, or often times, we are just too caught up with our lives and rushing along with everyone else in the city that we lose sight of what we could have taken a short time to appreciate.

The last few weeks, apart from the one week that I was freezing in Moscow, forgoing exercise of any kind because I felt so lethargic that I only wanted to eat and sleep all the time, I had been putting in many hours of yoga practice. I think it helps that now I have found another yoga enthusiast friend. Years ago when I was just introduced to yoga, I got really into the practice because I had a friend whom I would attend classes with all the time, so much so that many called us fanatics because we could go for yoga everyday. It isn’t so much as being a fanatic, because actually doctors would recommend that daily exercise is good for us, but perhaps when we started prioritising yoga over other social activities, people around us started to give us such tags, in a derogatory manner. I don’t get why people tend to always get ultra defensive and negative when they realise that someone else is deciding to embark on a healthy lifestyle; it is like they feel obligated to feel guilty, for whatsoever reasons, and they retaliate by turning nasty with snide remarks. Ok, not everyone behaves this way but I have heard my fair share of bad comments, and sometimes even I am guilty of such acts.

Back to my yoga practice. My friend and I don’t attend the same classes because we have different preferences, but we talk about it, along with other stuff of course, and maybe in way, she motivates me to be more regular in practice. It really feels great, and she encouraged me to get reacquainted with hot yoga too, which I was really grateful for. Some years ago, I could attend hot yoga classes on a daily basis, but after stopping for a while due to work, I couldn’t really get back into the hot studio without getting over-dehydrated, causing me to black out and suffer from waves of nausea. That was enough to put me off the hot studio and since then I have never stepped back into it. Until last week when I plucked up the courage again to enter the studio, and boy was it awesome. I had almost forgotten how good it feels after a session of hot yoga, despite that after an hour of sweating I stink like anything and my entire being is so ready to collapse.

My friend has amazing ability when it comes to exercising because she is so motivated that probably it rubbed off on me slightly. These are probably the angels that I meet in my life, to help me along the way when I stumble, although for this particular friend, she also has an uncanny ability to antagonise me immensely on some occasions. We aren’t really close friends and I have little expectations of her so maybe that is what makes things work. Maybe that is what makes friendships work for me, because the moment I start to develop expectations of people, the whole deal just seems to go awry. Things should just stay simple and we won’t have so many problems, or I won’t have all those unhappy moments because of what my supposed close friends did or did not.

It is exactly a month to Christmas, and I already have this dread in me, that I do not want the year to end so soon. I love year-ends, and I really don’t want it to be over so quickly. It has been a long way from January through to October, 10 long months, to reach November, why has this month passed so quickly? As it goes, December will also be gone rather quickly because of things that will take place in this month. Sigh.

Thought of planning a trip to celebrate 2013, excuse, to just have a getaway to somewhere with weather that would remind me more of Christmas, and initially we settled on Hong Kong, amongst the other choices of Taipei and Seoul. But it is just too mad expensive to fly somewhere for a few days, pay exorbitant airfares and hotel room rates, so I think the plan is off. Maybe Hong Kong will still happen, but slightly later, because someone offered to put me up! Or so I think, maybe it was misinterpreted by me, but anyhow I would look forward to visiting Hong Kong again because another friend volunteered to show me some cool places when I visit!

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