never stop

Hello from cold, cold Moscow! Arrived yesterday morning to a freezing -7 degrees Celsius and even though the sun was shining for a good part of the daylight hours, I couldn’t feel my fingers after a while of trying to take pictures with the phone. I was being cautious and didn’t want to risk the camera since I was more or less on my own out and about yesterday and I was lazy to add another piece of weight in my already-too heavy bag.

Moscow is a mixture when it comes to buildings, there is a lot of grey that makes me wonder about its communistic past but yet they seem to be a nation that glorifies its religion. A lot of churches I see with their onion-shaped roofs are the best-looking buildings around. I can’t exactly say they blend well with one another but they still had a general consistency. Maybe the cold was just making my head spin in all sorts of directions. I don’t know if I’m a magnet for trouble but while out, I was walking along a crowded street on my sightseeing expedition and some man (probably in his 40s or so) who was walking past suddenly grabbed my arm. It was a rather strong grasp that shocked me but I just shook his hand off and continued on my way. He didn’t follow of course which was fortunate because I doubt anyone around would help, despite it being a crowded place full of locals and tourists.

Moscow isn’t a friendly place, people or place. Russians are not fond of smiling and the place itself is not friendly for people who don’t know Russian, with the exception of a very small area in the vicinity of the Kremlin. I had a hard time finding my way about the metro to locate the correct exit to the Kremlin, and most people I tried to ask couldn’t speak, nor understand, English.

Nevertheless I finally found my way and it was worth it just to see the Kremlin and the St. Basil’s cathedral, which I thought was much smaller than expected. I didn’t stay long outside though since it was so cold. One thing about their metro stations, they were all very deeply-set because the escalators leading to and from them were the longest I have ever been on. Ok maybe the ones in Langham Place in Hong Kong are also long but these were amazing and it made me think how deep they had to dig and why they had to be so.


No snow here though. It snowed before I came but now it’s just rain and that makes it even colder. I’m still playing with the condensing breaths (or whatever you call them) when I’m out and when I talk or exhale, visible mists would form. It’s silly but it’s fun. And it’s making me wish that I could spend Christmas in this kind of temperatures. Found a Starbucks this afternoon and was going to bask in the Christmassy mood by getting myself a toffee nut latte but at more than S$9 for a tall-sized cup, I thought otherwise. At least not when I’m taking away and having to drink it within the confines of the dreary office meeting room that has not a single window!

2 thoughts on “never stop

  1. oooo!! smart gal to shake him off and walk away! 🙂

    and yah ah – better not risk showing your camera…. be safe and enjoy the different scenary. at least the good thing about the pple being unfriendly is that you don’t have to make effort at small talk and smiles! ahahha…

    • I was a bit shaken cos I was so tired and sleepy after not having slept much the last day and a half. But it’s true, ppl being unfriendly meant I don’t need to smile at them that much, just say thank u when required!

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